Snake Tattoos

Snake is one of the symbols of the most complex animals, and perhaps one of the oldest and most dangerous in the history of mankind. The first pictures of the sculpture in a cave snakes, first of all symbols of fertility and rain. Snake found in myths and legends of all peoples and all times almost. This is one of the most important reason for the surprising popularity of tattoos of snakes.
But the meaning of the snake tattoo designs are often ambiguous and depends on many factors. Can mean both the snake symbol of protection, destruction and snakes portrayed differently in the various myths and legends. It can be all of the snakes are a source of power if used correctly, at the same time, it is probably very dangerous and can be a symbol of the chaos and destructive forces. The snake biting its own tale is not only a symbol of immortality, but also the divine self-sufficiency. And spread widely snake tattoo designs all over the world, but its meaning depends a lot on culture and the owner of the tattoo like that.
nake tattoo designs symbolize power in many cases, both natural and supernatural, fertility, rebirth and wisdom. But in Western culture the snake is also associated with feminine power and seduction. One of the distinguishing features that make the tattoo snake so popular is its ability to be connected easily with other images as well as the forms of snakes, dynamic and constantly changing, "which can be used for the artist to emphasize the beauty of the human body. More attractive designs tattoos of snakes twining around the groin or arm or shoulder. Because of this, the snake tattoo designs are very popular among men and women alike.
In general, tattoos, snakes, symbolic of positive and negative alike. For some people it means fertility, wisdom, and other symbols of evil. Snake killers and therapists at the same time. Can be explained by a large number of different snake tattoo designs and meanings through a wide variety of myths and legends associated with them.
Most people in the selection of realistic images and vivid tattoo designs. Photos from the black cobra and the king is probably the most often for the selection of a snake tattoo. And are often associated with the power of King Cobra is the choice of leaders and people who want access to power. India was in contact with the Buddha and symbolizes protection.
Color tattoo snake can vary a lot, too - the colors from black to traditional natural snake. But can also measure different parts of the snake to be different colors, red with black coral snakes, gray and different colors of steel for snakes is the most impressive. Arms, shoulders and spine are the favorite places for a tattoo like that.
Many of the designs tattoos snake shoot some scenes or mythological figures. There are a large number of different myths and stories, which snakes the main characters, giving a wide choice really for all. The popularity of tattoos snake at all times, and the main reason is to find a lot of people who are rarely indifferent to snakes: snakes, admiration and fear, but they always attract attention and respect for its power, and the potential danger and beauty.