Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger in her solo album, most notably Timbaland and Been declared an official name of the album name Nicole, and the first one was "Whatever U Like." Shortly after the release of this one, however, "Baby Love" replace "Whatever U like" one of the formal leadership.

In both interviews and live performances, Nicole Scherzinger exudes self-confidence and a sense of real power, while all the pop aura of irresistible femininity. She has gone on record saying that the step dance favorite is "shake the booty," and which had taken the trouble out of any particular opportunity. Such as Gwen Stefani, and Britney Spears before her, Nicole Scherzinger is clearly not afraid to be a reason to use them to highlight their performance. In 2008, was part of a hit two singles - a cover of the track "Rio" for Duran Duran and Timbaland on "Scream", which worked along with Keri Hilson.


Shakira was born in Colombia in 1977. Started singing and writing songs at age 8, after it refused a chorus of local, she turned towards the music industry. Due to a series of coincidences, I discovered the Sony Shakira from Colombia in 1990, but her. After a successful two records made at the age of 14, 16 (1991 and 1993) decided to finish high school

After graduation, Shakira released her first album "Pies Descalzos" in 1995. Were all written songs and sings them in Spanish, because of the professional production and editing, and became a great success in South America. Shakira brought the second album "Donde estan los ladrones?" Similar success, and earned her various awards including the MTV Music Video Award. In 2000, I went to tour around the American continent.

In 2000, Shakira started to work on her debut English help of Gloria Estefan. The record of the first English translations of the previous work and newly composed songs. Critics noted that the language skills in English is not good enough to write the words, but her album "Laundry Service" has become another success on its launch in 2001.

In recent years, Shakira has released five albums and dozens of singles, some of which are Spanish and English versions of the record itself, with words translated. Within months after the release of the first English album, exceeded the popularity and acceptance in America and Europe, that in South America.

Tree Tattoos

Tree tattoos have always been alluring for both men and women alike; especially for women. Certain ancient trees are supposed to be mythical and people who know the significance of this love to sport these tattoos; and they look enchanting too. It has been observed over the years that lone trees; signify solitude and contentment. In, other words tree tattoo designs are worth reckoning. People, who wear such tattoos, say without spoken words that are nature lovers and such people are required by Mother Nature today. Man has played havoc with nature; and sporting a tree tattoo speaks volumes about a person.

Some trees are so ancient that they have seen the changing face of nature for years and that is why the tattoos inscribed of them they are called tree of life tattoos. Without spoken words; these tree tattoos tell a lot about the history of the past ages. As, it is women are the gentler sex; and if they adorn tree tattoos, then it enhances their feminism. Though, they look good on men too, however at times they portray that these men love to live amongst on most occasions; the world over women prefer the oak tree tattoo; as it signifies the longevity of life. It is a well known fact that the oak tree is sturdy and has a very long life span; about 500 years.

Females of every age can sport tree tattoos, though, the designs may differ from age to age. Women who are worldly wise may depict a tattoo of a landscape; and the significance of it can be best understood by an onlooker. Men on the other hand may sport a gnarled tree, to depict that they have seen some bad days in their life. On the whole tree tattoos depict a lot and it is an onlooker’s surmise to judge.