Gold Jewelry

There are many places from where you can buy jewelry made of gold. Because as gold and jewelry, both are very precious, so you have to be very careful and have complete awareness that how should you buy gold jewelry. If you want to buy gold jewelry from your area or country then first look for jewelry retailers that have the logo of Jewelers. If you are a jewelry importer and want to buy jewelry from outside your country then find out the jewelry association of that country and contact it because association has a set of standards for the jewelry members. If not then try to deal with that exporter who is atleast the member of jewelry association of that country.

If you want to buy gold or any type of jewelry then you should have awareness about karat. A Karat is a unit of measurement of the pureness of gold jewelry. Because in
th pure form, gold is soft and it isa not suitable for wearing thats why it must be added with other metals due to which it becomes hard and stronger. For example, a gold of 24 karat is very pure as well as very soft. In this state, if you want to wear it then it can be easily bend because it is malleable in that state. Expect wearing, 24 karat gold is  used for other different purposes like for making CD layers or in the processors of computers. Less than 24K gold have different ratio of their pureness. For example 18K gold jewelry is the next level in which the purity of gold is 75%. After that, 12K gold exists which is half itself and half other metals. You may find 10 karats gold too that contains 41.7% purity only.