Nicole Kidman

With her previous release the birth of a strange and controversial, Oscar winner Nicole Kidman has proven to be unpredictable, and too many people own country, not unlike the character she plays in her latest film, and the translator, directed by Sydney Pollack and the first four annual Tribeca Film Festival. Even in interviews, she declares independence from the mentality and lifestyle and Hollywood in this film her character displays a report of conviction seems to be very similar to Nicole Kidman.

I was very high on the translator, such as what it was like to work in this film?

I got to work with Mr. (Sean) of Pennsylvania, which was great. Excitement and put
it at the United Nations until we got there to shoot for a month. We were sitting in the General Assembly a few weeks later we were a little bliss for it. Can you believe it? I was like lying down, sleeping on a chair, and went "Whoa, I'm in the General Assembly." When we have done is a peace-maker did not allow us even at home. For this, we were at home.

Since your divorce [Tom Cruise] has taken you to the movies is far more dangerous than you and the roles before.

I was not interested, really, to expose myself in advance. I was in a relationship strong. I did not need any other way to express myself. It does not interest me. Now, [representation] is the thing that I give the whole way too. I think that working with noted director Stanley] Kubrick really took me and shook me. He was saying to me: "Nicole, you have to have this honor, and honor, not art for wasting it," that I am very grateful for. He said to [director] Jane Campion me; Stanley told me. When someone you admire to this degree, which believes in and wants you, then listen. Stanley really encourages me to be bold. So I hope that I get to continue to do so.

Your options seem very smart. Simply is that the instinctual?

It's just completely instinctual. I mean, I have people around me who say, "Do not do it" or "do not do this." But in the end it's my [decision]. I am a huge mistake. I think I kind of weaving my way through the move across my way.

You can just snap out of this role, or to exit from the scene immediately? Or is the character stay with you when you get home?

I think you exist in a vacuum. After that ...? It depends. It's different every time. There are times when they get sick physically. There are other times when I have only to escape and be full of myself or with my children and just put the perspective of everything. There are other times when ... I wish there was rhyme or reason to it. That's why when I do I make choices I never have any idea what I want to do next.

You seem so much stronger and happier now than it was at the time of Portrait of a lady says. You are stronger and happier?

I am happy at this moment. I am very happy at the moment. I do not know how strong.
I can feel very weak, but I hope that there are internal strength. I have two children. You have to be [strong] when I was responsible for killing two other people.

You seem to work non-stop now ...

Yes, but in the past year, I had two months in Australia, where I went and swam and some things just not fun. I disappeared. I left a message on my cell phone, saying: "I am divorced from the United Nations and to contact him. Does not even try." I put on my email, "I will not be available until ..." This is a great thing to do, and I would recommend really. We are all available so far.

There seems to be such a fuss about you, you have become so huge. Do you feel like your life to you or they do not get too overwhelming?

There are times when you get surprised at that. I went to Paris and stayed at the Pavilion of Coco Chanel herself, in bed, and went, "Oh, my God." I called my sister and said, "I wish you were here, and we can really enjoy this." But at the same time I have a little hut just outside of Sydney where I go, and I spend the happiest times of my life there. I can walk on the beach, be with my children. If I did not have, I feel quite different. There is something about when you're alone and you do not share it with someone else, when you do not have a partner, so then you kind of struggle at times to go, "Whew, I've just got to keep it." I've got a very, very close friends and I have a large family, side by side who are very ready to get on the plane and be with me. This is rare. When you say, "Hey, I need someone to hold my hand" [There will be a person. It looks really, really simplistic, but sometimes that strength is normal.

I have said before that every time I saw you with a man feel sorry for him because he suddenly thought of her boyfriend ... Under the microscope of the media as a result.]

I do not know if I feel sorry for them! I feel, Oh my God, it's like he has to feel his way through. I'm very exposed in the movies so far I do not believe, especially in my own life. The division is so very strange to exist within. But at the same time I love to act. It's something in my blood I need to do. For this period of time, you really need it. He saved my life almost, in some cases. I understand what it is, I am willing to give a huge amount of that, and I hope to find someone strong enough to understand that.

Do you see your work permanent, such as Catherine Deneuve, who, like you, is the great beauty and great actress?

If you are lucky enough son. Much of this is that if enough of protecting yourself that you are still able to give part of yourself. Seems to be a very strange statement. If I am able to do that [I will probably continue for a long time, otherwise I think it might just be getting a lot, and you can not do my best.

You seem as comfortable in jeans and do in glamorous gowns. The importance of clothing for you? I wear nice clothes in your film Last] birth. Do you ever go to the couture shows in Paris?

No, I do not. I love the beauty of clothes. In terms of personality, I am only what is necessary for the character. Basically, I put my trust in the fashion designer, because I want to work with the director and fashion designer and create a character. But in my own life, I would like to dress in some cases. I do not mind set on something beautiful. I went to Paris for Chanel No. 5 campaign. It's got a little crazy. I remember looking and there were more than one person looking at me, going, 'Is this your life? "I got a little out of control. The Karl Lagerfeld said:" Does everyone sit down!