Owl Tattoo

It was believed that the owl a bird of death in ancient Egypt, India, Central and North America, in China and Japan. In some traditions, for example in India, was honored as the patron of a night owl and a messenger from the underworld, whose mission was to escort souls to the world of the dead. Of Indians in North America was an owl feathers in the protective headgear symbolic meaning for the same reason.
In China owl a symbol meaning of the negative and destructive. The owl itself is connected with the thunder and the coup in June A creature that has chosen life style for one night very vague, and was associated with magic owl in Europe.
And associations of the owl with wisdom and its beginnings in ancient Athens, where he was believed to be an owl and a companion feature of the goddess of wisdom Athena. This is why in many cases are met these pictures of an owl for money in Greece.
Also from the traditions of Greek and comes in the image of a smart and wise owl in
the European tales, myths and legends. The theme of this bird - Become an owl sitting on the popular books as evidence of knowledge. Since then, the associated scientists, professors and well-educated, or who have a thirst for knowledge with the album.
The owl is associated with today's thinking, intelligence and preference for isolation. It is believed that the tattoo designs with owl feathers to be an amulet of protection.
Each owl tattoo designs and mysterious connotations. Can be a tattoo owl a symbol of a desire to learn, and a sign of knowledge. At the same time may symbolize intuition and the mystical powers up. In all cases, a mysterious bird is the owl and the owl tattoos attract attention and always look original. Tattoo designs usually have this deep sense of individual and is very popular among men and women alike.