Baby Food

When you become a mother of a child and then the first thing you should do with your child feed him at the time, and breastfeeding is the most important for your child, and after a few months you feel they are not convinced your child in infancy and private sectors in the night he wakes up after short periods, then this is the Wright time to provide new food for the child baby.Your not familiar with the taste other than the mother's nutrition. At this time do not need to give him food very hot and sweet or salty as it is just going to enter with the new taste, which should be very similar to breast milk or.

Foremost of all, keep the intelligence we are talking about small amounts of food. Begin in 4-6 months of age, and access to view most of the infant to solid food with a dollop or two of iron-fortified rice cereal mixed with breast milk or water. This slow approach to type does not distress your child's routine, traditional feeding much at all at first. Within a few weeks after the dose of your child learns and begins to express interest in foods, and you have to slowly add a few ounces of mashed vegetables and fruits and meat to his diet.Basically There are three steps to start the solid food to your child.

Step one: preferred components. Start with foods such as carrots and only one to
make any doubt in the child's food allergy into view. Natural washes made to contain the fighting. If you use non-organic produce and wash peel. Remove any peel raw, stems, and seeds that are a choking hazard.

Step Two: Cook and crush. Produced in place of pop in the steamer and steam until soft wonderful. Bowling is fine too, but the most nutrients with the hot pot. It can also have some vegetables and fruit can be burned until soft.

Step three: Service and storage. Service of a small amount on the spot and the rest of the store immediately. And can store homemade baby food safely in the refrigerator for three days or in the refrigerator for two months. To keep them in the refrigerator in place of trays ice cubes, cubes and freeze, then pop the bowl in the refrigerator is safe.