Body Painting

Over time, people appreciate the lead from the body. Then becomes an art. This is the art of drawing the body. And approved the actual body painting art since 1960. This type of painting is the traditional body tattoo. This is the kind of life. It is used for religious purposes, or some, such as rites of some sects. Prohibited this practice for some time. But now the tattoo is no longer taboo. It is a kind of art. Some artists are interested in trying to make the tattoo a piece of artwork. Exercised by the board in the eastern countries in the world. Beyond that is a tribal culture. In ancient times, the men paint their faces for religious purposes. For women and girls, for example in India, painted their bodies before the marriage ceremony. Henna tattoo that they provide, which is called Mehndi. These paintings symbolize fertility. This kind of lead the body is spread in the Western world. Also for several centuries, clowns and actors in the paint itself. They paint their
faces or their bodies completely with bright colors. Painting is an important part of art show. Serve this kind of art they produce.
In times of 1950, some artists use a form of female and roll them in the paintings to reflect the cloth paintings. The result is fantastic. People begin to accept the theories of liberty, including the naked models.
In 1960 in the anti-war demonstrations young women paint their faces with the symbol of peace. Then the art of face painting is spreading in many countries.
Today there is an ongoing debate about the legality of body painting as a form of art. Now there are many festivals of the painting, which attracts professional and amateur body of this art. There is a festival in Austria. A body painting festival world. There are more than 150 artists who challenge themselves to produce the wonderful artifacts. These models were painted in a sexual manner and beautiful one. Body painting takes its place in world trade. TV numerous magazines and expose the beautiful bodies painted. Graphic artists of the cooperation in making some films, especially films and fake.
This practice is common in exhibitions or in public parks. Children and adolescents in the paint their faces. There are many forms of paintings such as the face of the tiger, spider, butterfly, cat, and clown and cartoon characters. Should be that materials that are used during the imaging process to be safe. It is essential that there be any toxic reactions or allergies. It is best to test the material of the paintings in a small area of ??skin before use.
Space of painting the body is very generous. They just need creative minds and people who love their bodies, except art. It can clarify some of the magic in the spectators of these bodies are beautiful. It raises different feelings about these masterpieces. And can add some body panels warmth in relations between the lovers. And can turn into a dump bodies of living. Painting the body is simply the unity between humans and the art itself.