Sad Girl

As you all know I recently wrote a scene of death in my current WIP. That was difficult. As you can imagine the kill character is a risky business, and never taken lightly, but I found that the reaction of writing and after-effects of the death is far more difficult than the actual writing a death scene!
In the light of this last day is to create chaos after the math he said after taking a real drama and not mathematics to ratification, the shock. O.O
Create a risk of death from emotional reasons is a very difficult and almost impossible to do without careful consideration. To understand how to write the wake must first understand the consequences of the real world of sadness. From the beginning I love the definitions I am going to the definition of sadness.
Grief is a multi-faceted response to loss, especially for the loss of someone or something who formed bonds. Although traditionally focused on the emotional response to loss, it also has physical, cognitive, and behavioral dimensions, social and philosophical.
Note the bold text above Thank you. So yes as you can see here a certain feeling of sadness is not, and certainly not something you can summarize with one or two chapters, and put on close. After that death would be the reaction of the character through the bearing to the end or even come to terms with death.