Henna Tattoos on Hands

Henna is now part of the lives of women, especially during the wedding and festivals. Pakistani weddings are incomplete without the ceremony of henna (Mehndi night). On this occasion, and all the friends and relatives and colleagues of the bride and brings the fun singing Mehndi different. There are a lot of logic on the dark color of henna on the hands of the bride. Some say that if a dark color, it means that the bride groom will love it too much or it will get a polite and loving mother in law.Henna also the importance of medical as well. It is an important factor disinfectant, recommended by doctors agurvadic. Citizens in rural areas, especially the use of henna for the treatment of skin rash and head as a cooling in the summer. It's also good to look at blood pressure.Leading exporters of henna are Pakistan, India, Morocco, Egypt and Iran. Selling a large quantity of henna in the local markets and a small amount of trade on the international level. Pakistan would like to increase the production

Bout 20% in order to meet the growing demand for henna to foreign countries such as Britain and the United States and Turkey. The United Kingdom. 5 ton metric to use henna for cosmetics, hair dyes, and animal skin decorate.Henna's now a business, and many people get a reasonable amount of money by henna. Experts henna to pay a large sum of money while making different designs of henna on the wrist, hands, feet, etc. design henna is the increasing trend during the night of the wedding, and on other festivals such as Eid.Henna fade from inside the body weak, and you can make henna new design as you wish , and this is the main advantage of henna. Method is painless and inexpensive to make henna tattoos.