Henna Tattoo

Have used henna and henna painting for hundreds of years. Dried leaves of henna powder to be mixed in a paste which is used to dye skin, hair and nails, and even textile and leather. Henna is a tradition in Arab countries. Has been used as a substitute for henna tattoos. Did you ever have the ink or paint and stain your hands on what seems to take weeks to fade? Henna works the same principle. Applied on the surface of the skin, and patches down through the outer layer, and leave marks can last for the better part of this month. Since the skin is always growing, and will gradually fade, and henna and then disappear completely.

Important benefits for women is that female hormones than henna. Usually is used henna on the hands and feet and gives the reddish color / brown, which lasts between 1-3 weeks.
When reached at our desert safari camp, you can find artist henna there, and said it will make the tattoo on your hand, Aram or feet, it is completely normal and painless and the interesting thing is that it is free, through our desert safari camp.