Safari Browser

Until the release of Mozilla Firefox 3, you're an avid user of Safari. I like the simple interface, speed, and sleek design. However, once these new additions came in the game, and sold. It promotes a faster JavaScript engine, a large library should be additions, and more secure way to surf when it was released, FF3 has a lot of it going on safari in my opinion. Now, on top of that, Google released Chrome, a browser that many people seem to love the new despite how it is. Moreover, Firefox is the creation of noise about these projects and minefields IE 8 is on its way. In all these news browser, with Safari?
Is, in fact, have not seen a lot of other safari of public relations in the recent negative. Today in the technology industry, and this is of course not good for the browser market share. Where companies operate, and other browsers make rapid updates and continuous improvement on the existing code, it seems as if it were a dead end in Safari recently. Although it is very fast and safe in its current state, it can always use new improvements, or even features.If Apple does not do this soon, and will soon become a Safari lost and forgotten in the manufacture of the browser, which is the one thing that as a great browser doesn't deserve.