Chinese Wedding Dress

Traditional wedding dress is usually a one-piece dress is referred to as Qi Pao, embroidered with silver and gold design development. Southern China brides normally wear two-piece cheongsam or called Kwa Chun Goa, which also adorn, and are complicated by the golden dragon and phoenix. Dress is usually red, because red is believed to be a strong color, good luck away evil spirits.
Traditionally, a red veil piece was part of the bride outfit to cover her face during the ceremony. Phoenix and dragon bridal dress designs symbolized the balance and strength to women from men. The bride is often seen with a red veil covering her head, and sometimes her face. Among the most important milestones in this wedding is the wedding dress. Most brides wear dresses up to six on the night of wedding one. Nothing matches the passion and charm of red Chinese wedding dresses at the ceremony.