Dreamweaver is the market leader in professional web design and development tool. Can be purchased as a standalone product or as part of Macromedia Studio suite, along with Flash Professional, Fireworks, Contribute and FlashPaper.
Now in version 8, Dreamweaver enables you to work graphically, and the establishment of site by dragging and dropping objects, or to hard code in HTML, complete with cascading style sheets (CSS). Most developers do the bulk of the work with the editor page, and then ordered it and add bits of clever tweaking the code. The program is ideal for this approach, it can also be a page and code windows open at the same time, and can now collapse sections of code, to move quickly about the structure of your site.
Most people use CSS to improve the design and shorten the time required for the

development of complex sites and Dreamweaver 8 integration of all resources locked in one panel. You can also color code your page elements to highlight where they receive characteristics. This makes it much easier to see how it is applied a hierarchy of style sheets to your pages, although it does not make them rather showy when you have the option to view the background in the operating mode.
It's not all about CSS. Has been improved to deal with XML and RSS feeds, too, so you can drag and drop them straight in Web pages. Dreamweaver is to provide a good education system by helping them and there are many there are different ways to use XML data and design language XSL.
If your business includes the design for a range of different outputs - Control the screen, PDA, projection, print, television, or even a teletype - can make Dreamweaver 8 pages each, and you can switch at will present formulas.