Kris Humphries

Dunstan, 1984: I was born.

Chris, 1985: Born in. The race started.

Dunstan, 1987: As a result of 3 years of age, my father surprised me by moving to a farm we have 10 cats and naming try after composers of classical music.

Chris, 1987: Um, and it is likely to shoot baskets and identify the Article 3, second, or something of this "sport" oriented. Perhaps drinking Gatorade. I do not know. Was not there.

Dunstan, 1991: Kirby Puckett I cheer for during the World Series Game 6.

Chris, 1991: It does, too. But his imagination to question him on ESPN likely possible and realistic.

Dunstan, 1996: My father bought me shoes for basketball Jamal Mashburn. Are the Villa. I do not know this is stupid. I think they're cool just because they are brand name / not sold at Target.

Chris, 1996: he might be buying a full Footlocker full of basketball shoes. I bet that even shoes with pumps.

Dunstan / Chris, 1998: both the State of Minnesota standardized math exams. I work with hard science in education is my chance for success in life. Chris is thinking about basketball dunking / Sprite commercial potential that will be.

Dunstan, 2003: I play basketball for the high school in the town about the size of three city blocks. I score the winning basket in the playoffs. This is a peak moment in my life. I will not do anything after the cold and again ever.

Chris, 2003: This is strange giants such as controls on the entire country in basketball or whatever.

Dunstan, 2003-2011: what does it matter? Blah blah blah graduate, blah blah blah sad, blah blah blah work.

Chris, 2003-2011: He gets only better in basketball, and to join the NBA, and some goofy moment starts dating Kim Kardashian.

Dunstan: July 2, 2011, at noon. Read the paper. Remember today is the Bash Humphreys' hometown high. Self myself. Probably gonna get pictures with Kimmie!

Chris: July 2, 2011, at noon. Prepare to smash large in Muscat 7 in Minneapolis in the middle of the city. Perhaps with Kimmie in attendance.

Dunstan: July 2, 2011, 21:00. Resign myself to the fact that no one will go with me to crash bash Humphreys' great. Thinking ice cream / watch "swamp people".

Chris: July 2, 2011, 21:00. Pool halls near the fucking?

Dunstan: Jul 2, 2011,9:30 receives a text message from people willing to go to the party and Kimmie's leg! Iron on the spot, "dress" clothes. Find clean socks.

Chris: July 2, 2011, 09:30 wander so far? Sucking fingers off the champagne Kimmie, who knows.

Dunstan: July 2, 2011, 22:00 discovered Bash takes great dignitaries. I'm not VIP. Morale. Dress coat put back on the hanger. Close the closet. Hang his head. Think again about the "swamp people".

Chris: "as good as it gets" 2 يوليو 2011, 10:00 Bangin 'and grindin' with local representatives of the hot, Kimmie and other dignitaries, and was wondering if this gets sad. Contemplates throwing the body on the edge of the Hennepin Avenue Shakesperian to make a point about the modern cult of personality. Then, and personalities, "screw that" and not a single shot off the body of her fiance extrusion his Smokin 'hot.