50 Cent

50 Cent embodies all the characteristics necessary for the hero of a comic book, complete with the ego ideal, which was launched in the hip-hop stardom companies. Vulnerable children and was raised poor, Curtis Jackson, his ancestors, while longing for the mother of the deceased, and after nearly succumb to the streets in South Jamaica, Queens, after he shot and killed in 2000 while he was on the verge of recording a promising career. Curtis Jackson when he fell on that day, what emerged at the end of the day was diesel fuel, tattoo rap mogul with the title "50 Cent" and the empire of brands that many of the graduates of Master in Business Administration and envy. Going into our meeting I had no idea who to expect or what kind of person who was really 50 cents.

The first thing I said to him after his meeting with a warm hug for me was "Do you call you Curtis?" Which he replied quietly: "This is good," as he looked down at his hands, beaten and then back up at me a shy smile spread across his face. At that moment, what rushed through my mind was a passing thought, "Is it my imagination, or am I making this man a little bit nervous?" At that moment, my butterflies were settled. And that the atmosphere was the first blind date, which can be likened to the interviews often dissipate immediately.

Expression stems from the soft eyes of 50 cents for. Impose less closely, eye
contact is not enough for him, and he raises a delicate problem, tend in the direction of me and grab my arm or my leg after he says something important in what he sees as an effort to push the point home with me. Were interspersed with many of his sentences with a gentle push to the right side followed by the search for my consent. Wearing a slightly worn-in leather jacket and black baseball cap with no brands or bling in sight, and suddenly gold and diamond ring in the finger of my right hand and seemed out of place. I share are expected to be tight, to the point and full of personal courage from it. What I got was rather laid back and open conversation. 50 Cent urged to reflect on the relationships, fears, and successes, and the family and the life he created for himself.

A sunny afternoon mid-October perched on a terrace overlooking the Manhattan, my job was to challenge him to an art form that made him famous, and some of the feelings that accompany the community, and often stigmatize him the kind of rap music drawing oratory. Although he at several points that I have strongly protested the low threshold for the proposed language of graphic and steer clear of "Films Rated R," I took the jibing like a good sport because it gave me much more in exchange. I did what I had to do to pay 50 cents out of their comfort zone a little bit for him, convincing him to go to a deeper place; persuasion may have had in a vacuum, the head of Curtis Jackson.

50 Cent has a behavior which shifts back and forth between the childlike curiosity and shrewd business acumen. There is obvious conflict of interest in listening to him speak. With the non-acceptance in formal education, a letter of 50 cents of this fact while betraying his thoughts and ideas of a thinker and philosopher. Listen to 50 Cent talk about his songs, such as listening to a piece of great music that has been filtered through less of the old school which was built just a record player. It requires the training of the ear, but the music coming through it is no less great