Vin Diesel

Five is a quick film 5 in the long-running franchise is now fast and furious. Films based mostly around the scene of underground street racing race / drag, and may responsible for the beautiful and there are video games, concessions such as the need for speed: underground, and television programs such as pinks on speed channel. Like it or not these films have had a significant impact on American culture, and greatly affected the functions of Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Michelle Rodriguez and. According to the first film in the series from scratch in 2001 to make tons of money, and the development of an underground branch of the culture of the car to the spotlight. The sequel follows the course in 2003, but it lacks Vin Diesel, who had requested more money from the producers were willing to provide. The film was hurt as a result of erosion by the time Tokoyo 2006 along one of the original wanted anything to do with it. Veil of diesel in the short film moments kept close hopes alive that the diesel, whose career has hit the rocks, will not come back for one more.

In 2009, reuniting the original producers and Walker, diesel, Rodriguez, Jordana
Brewster and one more to shoot. Even if in the opinion of these references to the 2009 Fast and the Furious film was not very good, and open it to more than $ 70 million in its first week and went to make nearly $ 200 million, and found it was probably some life left concession. Now in 2011, five fast-track to the edge fast and furious, this time collecting all the characters from previous films 4, as well as a few of them a new addition. The most obvious is the inclusion of Johnson "The Rock" Dwayne, who bulked himself to the supernatural for his role near the fire and brimstone DEA Manhunter, Hobbes. He is confident that his convictions when he said that diesel is innocent, he was critical of the evidence in the half. Although also is the inclusion of Elsa Pataky, who may not be familiar to the American public, but the real star is the actress in her native Spain, I felt a smart choice, and much more than just a pretty face. Jaoquim performance by de Almeida and Reyes pooch is not the thing that wins awards, but he was certainly not a clear choice and clearly enjoys himself. Diesel himself largely perfected the art of wearing a shirt two sizes to small and frowning a lot, its performance is exactly what you expect. Walker and Brewster is the only real "actors in the film, and there the story is really what drives the plot, as they try desperately to escape from a life of crime in order to raise the level of the family.

The rest of the cast is more or less comic relief / window dressing; Tyrese Gibson, Chris Bridges and funny in most of the scenes together. It's kind of humor that seemed out of place in the transformers, but he plays much better against the appointment of the film against the theft of a fun movie about giant robots killing everyone, although still vague racism. The next pair is Kang Sung and Gal Gadot, who plays the driver parts and tough chick, respectively. Given that allowed 15 minutes of screen time, 5 of which Gadot is slow shot of walking in a bikini, as well as surprising meat of their characters.

The plot is very basic; Walker and Brewster in Rio de Janeiro is still on the run after the events of the first film fast and furious. 2 Fast 2 Furious at what seems to improve the retconned of excellence. Meet with some friends, and agree to continue to function and one in the past in order to get the money they desperately need. While trying to steal the car of the train is moving surprise *! * Diesel and shows the whole process goes terribly wrong, and that imagination of the local mafia boss and history buff, Reyes. And also blamed by some mitigating circumstances and Walker and diesel instead of killing agents and Drug Enforcement Agency of the three that cause the DEA / FBI to send the rock to catch them. From then on, it's pretty standard movie theft, collect your team, gather intel, a plan of theft, theft of the implementation process. For Fast balance of five are not trying to develop the fact the story and give some figures arc and growth throughout the film, and unlike most films of this type that attempt this, in fact withdraw five quick runs amazing with some of the exchanges between the touching sincerity and Walker and Brewster, as well as the dynamic between the diesel and Walker to recover some of the charm of the original film.

What really set this film apart is its ideas more of a plot, or characters. Ideas behind the scenes work and the implementation of those scenes is nothing short spectacular. Ideas such as stealing cars from moving trains, driving cars off cliffs 0.4 drag racing police car, and probably one of the car chases the most awe inspiring in the history of the two cars pull bank vault several tons and stand behind them in the narrow streets of the city. When asked what the best car chase in history, I tell you that the Persians and Bullett Charger from the movie. Because it is a real car, not a fake car CG, and prove almost as any film, and will look more real things of real things and fake, and I am sorry James Cameron. It was fast and furious in 2009 a bad case of the ill effects that harm some CG movies more bombastic moments. Five fast, and I'm happy to report, seems to have been
master in heaven. And the ground and crashed cars with real glee of a small child smashing matchbox cars together. Works well until you see the car after getting the car while Brian Tyler sent the degree of vitality lets you know that the tense moments did not start yet. Yes, thank God it's not all shitty rap music, but has a degree of actual film. It's safe to say that the final 20 minutes near the long chase of the cars are among the highest in all the film is committed to its peak with the deadly game of chicken up to the edge of your seat.

Made many of the chases and gun battles are also present, but with the irregular movement of the camera, which seems to have got through a foot of Jason Bourne, and many of them fall flat scene because you can not tell what hell is going on. Venice fights never home director Justin Lin and it shows, almost every motorcycle lacks any kind of real impact. However, fans are treated to what they wanted in a minute, Dwayne Johnson was heard in the film, as is the diesel fuel off the box in the repulsion punch to the bone in the middle of the road almost from the film. Fighting continues around 5 minutes, and I'm surprised because they were in the building was still standing as they seem to break each other through the wall of each one. It is strange that a little diesel never sweats while Johnson seems as if he was trying to race out of the £ 25 in every scene, and frankly addressed Johnson is so mind bogglingly huge that are significantly reduced diesel by him. This raises the question about how they can ever actually manage to fight with him, but hey, it's the right movie?

Stephen Windon Cinema brings some broad prospect in Rio is excellent, but the giant Jesus statue gets more screen time then some of the actors. What you do not get to see either of the city is a slum slummy, or metro area is beautiful and I understand it aims to show how their lives compared to Reyes with everyone, but frankly I would prefer to see more than one of the world's most beautiful cities. Because this film is in essence the film is stolen, and not a film about street racing I was the only one who was forced to sit down to 1 scene half naked women parading around the stupid car. When you do get a glimpse of the underground racing parties in Rio the only place to prepare to face the future, and all the street racing is happening off the screen and this implies only at a later time. Which I think is the best thing that could be the film by itself, and I actually some reasonable scenario was originally a sequel to The Italian Job, which was supposed to be set in Brazil, but re-write some thing. When I got a lot of films about the vouchers you and Supplies underglow, and when I got a bad, fast and furious distanced itself from that as much as possible, which will last five characters are also fast setting more modern day Robin Hoods, then the small car thieves.

To end things, and this film begins with a great trick involving buses and a little more than 2 hour later with a car chase with 20 minutes and destroyed more than 200 cars. Then it's the constant barrage of car chases, fist fights, gun fights, humor, dudes shirt and women in their underwear. It's not hidden by any means, but nobody went to see him hoping for a subtle film. Not what I expected, and the dialogue is witty, and intensive work, and great chases, and it's a conspiracy to justify the time to serve in more than 2 hours. I do not have any special connection to these characters but by the end of the film at least, wary of the possibility of them dying in the climatic chase scene, which says something. Pumping some serious cash in this world so I think it's safe to say that it plans to make more, which in this point I am really excited to see. So I think it's hell of a lot smarter than I thought it would be, and the perfect counterpoint for the summer, which will be jam-packed with no doubt overly dramatic movies super hero. This is fun, pure and simple, check your brain at the door and enjoy yourself.