Modern Tattoo

Edition of the modern art of tattoo black-Royce: expressions of modern tribal honor in photography for a particular type of skin art. Sponsored Kakoulas Marissa is a book, a lawyer and writer, and the circus woman, and blogger. Above, after the jump, will Boeing exclusive peek at some of the hundreds of photos of striking full-page, and you find at home.
On the cover of 536 pages and includes the work of tattoo artists from the island of Borneo, Argentina, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Europe and North America. The book weighs nearly ten pounds, and is stitched binding with silver engraved. It's fat, heavy, and gorgeous.
"There was not by the book on this type of tattoo in the English language," said Marissa Boeing via e-mail. "We call this type of 'blackwork", where artists are only one color, and expand that they have to their imagination in terms of design elements to create original works, rather than having a palette of colors and styles to choose from, as is the case in the shade of other types of tattoos. "
Some images we have chosen for a share of the Boeing Company and Boeing also include the use of one additional color.